Telegraph Tosh on Economics

Think Left

Steven Hail’s point by point response to the Daily Telegraph Article by Jeremy Warner  which suggested the Jeremy Corbyn’s economic plans will turn us into Zimbabwe.

“Did you see that awful newspaper tosh – I think it was in The Telegraph – predicting a Corbyn Britain would inevitably generate Zimbabwe 2008 style hyperinflation?

When dealing with people who say or write such things, it is always essential to take a deep breath, accept they may genuinely believe what they say, remember you might have believed some of that yourself once, keep your voice calm and respectful, and explain patiently and quietly why such views are mistaken.”

Statement 1: ‘Of course the government has to balance its budget, or it won’t be able to pay back its debts, or we will burden our children’.

Answer 1: ‘Governments almost never balance their budgets, and that has been true nearly everywhere in…

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