Turquía podría iniciar una nueva guerra mundial en Siria a menos que las siguientes acciones se lleven a cabo

Rojava Azadî

El gobierno actual de Turquía ha perdido el rumbo completamente. Una invasión turca en Siria es cada vez más probable [de hecho, la YPG ya han reportado ataques, aquí puedes encontrar maś información] y el mundo por alguna razón sigue ignorando los abusos contra los derechos humanos [fuente en inglés] llevados a cabo en su territorio. Pero realmente podría iniciarse una guerra internacional si Ankara envía tropas a Siria? Podría el Reino Unido verse inmerso en otro conflicto evitable gracias al impulso belicista de un aliado equivocado?

Antiguamente aplaudida como el estado más democrático en Oriente Medio (aunque nunca fue realmente así), Turquía es esencialmente un Estado criminal. Ha asesinado a cientos de sus propios ciudadanos, ha encarcelado muchos más, y ataca a aquellos que luchan contra Daesh (Estado Islámico de Irak y Siria) [fuente en inglés] y otros yihadistas en Siria e Irak. Sin…

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It should be over for Hillary


Party elites and MSNBC can’t prop her up after Bernie’s Michigan miracle

Trade, wages and the corrupt political class are the new key issues. Bernie and Trump finished off the party elites

It should be over for Hillary: Party elites and MSNBC can't prop her up after Bernie's Michigan miracle
Hillary Clinton (Credit: Reuters/Randall Hill)

You wouldn’t know it from watching TV last night or reading the national papers this morning but Bernie Sanders’ Michigan win ranks among the greatest upsets in presidential primary history.

Should he win the nomination it will be go down as the biggest upset of any kind in American political history.

If he wins the election it will change the fundamental direction of the nation and the world.

Some key lessons, obvious to everyone but the media:

1. The old politics is over. The fault lines of the new politics are not cultural issues like guns, abortion and same-sex marriage that divide the Democratic…

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Turquia podria fer que s’iniciés una nova guerra mundial a Síria a no ser que se la aturi.


Artícle original de The Canary


El govern actual de Turquia ha perdut el rumb completament. Una invasió turca a Síria cada cop és més probable i el món per alguna raó continua ignorant els abusos contra els drets humans duts a terme al seu territori. Però realment podria iniciar-se una guerra internacional si Ankara envia tropes a Síria? Podria el Regne Unit veure’s immers en un altre conflicte evitable gràcies a l’impuls bel·licista d’un aliat equivocat?

Antigament aplaudida com l’estat més democràtic a l’Orient Mitjà (encara que mai va ser realment així), ara Turquia és essencialment un Estat criminal. Ha assassinat a centenars dels seus propis ciutadans, n’ha empresonat molts més, i ataca a aquells que lluiten contra ISIS (Estat Islàmic d’Iraq i Síria) i altres gihadistes a Síria i Iraq. Sense cap mena de dubte Turquia és part del problema, no de la solució.

Però sembla que David Cameron…

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Aren’t Street Parties Brilliant!


Recently, I was sitting in some welcome sunshine and I suddenly found myself becoming quite misty-eyed with memories from a few years back. Memories that have undoubtedly grown sweeter and perhaps more selective with time, but no less valid for that. Memories of hope, optimism, possibility, excitement and freedom.

For a bit of context, let’s go back in time with the help of some cheeky re-enacters:

The impact of rave culture is easy to underestimate nowadays. Not only did it introduce a generation to the concept of making their own entertainment, free of the tedious commercialism of the high street, it also went a huge way to ending widespread football hooliganism as folks realised the pointlessness of fighting someone you’ve been grinning at and hugging all night. But it was precisely the “off the grid” nature of raving that saw it rapidly demonised by the powers-that-be. Suddenly hundreds of thousands…

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Epidemic of Disappearances in Mexico – Amnesty International

Blog of Zapatista Support Group Wellington, Aotearoa/New Zealand


Members of Amnesty International and other invited human rights defenders present the report: “Treated with Indolence: the State’s response to the disappearances in Mexico” at a press conference in the Museum of Memory and Tolerance in Mexico City Photo: Francisco Olvera

La Jornada: José Antonio Román

Mexico City – Amnesty International (AI) claims that Mexico suffers from an epidemic of disappearances fed by the attitude of “incompetence, inertia and indifference” shown by the government. They are more concerned about giving “relevant political answers” than creating real and effective public policies aimed at confronting this phenomenon.

In their recent report, “Treated with Indolence: the State’s response to the disappearances in Mexico”, the international organisation for human rights emphasized that almost half of the 27,600 disappeared or unfound people have been reported missing during the administration of President Enrique Peña Nieto. According to official statistics, this number was 3,425 in 2015.


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Turkish State Kills Close To 200 Civilians Over Past 6 Months

The Rojava Report

yasaklariAccording to data compiled by the Human Rights Association of Turkey’s (TİHV) Documentation Center Turkish state security forces have killed 198 civilians since the introduction of a near-continuous series of military curfews in major urban centers of the Turkey’s Kurdish Southeast since August 16th, 2015 – reports an article from DIHA carried by Özgür Gündem.

Most of the deaths have occurred in the town of Cizre, where at least 66 civilians have been killed in ongoing military attacks involving artillery and heavy armor against residential neighborhoods, but civilians have also been killed across 19 districts in at least 7 provinces, including Amed (Diyarbakır),Şırnak (Şırnex) and Mêrdîn (Mardin). In the course of the ongoing military crackdown approximately 1 million 377 thousand people have been denied access to basic goods and healthcare. 113 of the civilian deaths have taken place specifically in districts under military curfew, and 40 people have died in…

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Juan Carlos Flores Solis, Mexico: ‘They tried to break my spirit’

dorset chiapas solidarity


Juan Carlos Flores Solis, Mexico: ‘They tried to break my spirit’


Juan Carlos Flores Solis: ‘They are destroying the land and water, so this time if we don’t succeed in stopping them there is no way back.’ Juan Carlos Flores Solis: ‘They are destroying the land and water, so this time if we don’t succeed in stopping them there is no way back.’


Meet the people fighting to defend human rights of others internationally

Over the weekend more than 100 human rights defenders left Ireland for countries and regimes around the world where they face threats ranging from harassment and imprisonment to torture and death for their work in asserting the rights of others.

They were visiting Ireland for the Dublin Platform hosted by Front Line Defenders which every two years provides an opportunity for activists to network, campaign and receive moral and practical support.

Operating on the “protect one, empower a thousand” principle, Front Line provides practical help such as technology to support communications, security tips and a rescue service for defenders…

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