Juan Carlos Flores Solis, Mexico: ‘They tried to break my spirit’

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Juan Carlos Flores Solis, Mexico: ‘They tried to break my spirit’


Juan Carlos Flores Solis: ‘They are destroying the land and water, so this time if we don’t succeed in stopping them there is no way back.’ Juan Carlos Flores Solis: ‘They are destroying the land and water, so this time if we don’t succeed in stopping them there is no way back.’


Meet the people fighting to defend human rights of others internationally

Over the weekend more than 100 human rights defenders left Ireland for countries and regimes around the world where they face threats ranging from harassment and imprisonment to torture and death for their work in asserting the rights of others.

They were visiting Ireland for the Dublin Platform hosted by Front Line Defenders which every two years provides an opportunity for activists to network, campaign and receive moral and practical support.

Operating on the “protect one, empower a thousand” principle, Front Line provides practical help such as technology to support communications, security tips and a rescue service for defenders…

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The story behind #IStandWithFisher (Tweets)

Broke, Bright and British

In my 6 November article about Jeremy Corbyn’s mature and respecful attitude at PMQs when faced with insults directed at his team (which can be seen here at The Canary), I mention the diversion tactics used by David Cameron to distract people from the real political issues of the day. Now, this red-baiting appears to have spread into the ranks of the Labour party itself (once again).

The purge of Corbyn’s policy chief Andrew Fisher has resuscitated the sentiment felt during the Labour leadership elections – when countless leftwingers were purged from the party for not having remained loyal to the Blairite elites. This time, however, the shadow chancellor John McDonnell was quick to support his colleague, saying:

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Reaping the Fruits of the War on Terror in Yemen

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By Michael Horton | CounterPunch | November 3, 2015

Yemen was an early victim of the US led war on terror. The first targeted assassination by a US drone occurred there in November 2002. Yemen’s mountains and deserts were where the US developed and tested its flawed drone-centric counter-terrorism strategy. A combination of indifference, faulty intelligence, and incompetence has led to the deaths of hundreds of Yemeni civilians.

As tragic as these deaths are, they pale in comparison with the death and destruction unleashed by the current war in Yemen, a war that US foreign and counter-terrorism policies are partially responsible for.

As in most parts of the world where the US has waged its war on terror, the supposed targets—terrorist organizations like al-Qaeda and the Islamic State—are the primary beneficiaries.

These organizations exploit and feed off the chaotic and divisive environments that arise from short-sighted and uninformed “whack a…

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