CorbynWatch (September 15 & 16)

Broke, Bright and British

On September 15:

  1. After “receiving a standing ovation”, Corbyn called Tories “poverty deniers” in a speech to the TUC.[1] He also accused them of “social cleansing” and “declaring war on organised Labour”;[2]
  2. For Kevin Maguire at The Mirror, Corbyn’s “decent, common sense and simply-explained politics” were “compassionate and sincere”, and were “under such ferocious assault” simply because they were considered such a “threat” to his “more cynical opponents”. His admission that “he isn’t all-seeing, all-knowing” was to be seen as “a radical departure in politics”, and his desire to “listen to the good ideas of ordinary people” was “revolutionary”. And finally, although he was “no great orator”, asserted Maguire, “he could change British politics for the better”;[3]
  3. With an ICM survey showing “a six-point lead for the Tories” over Labour, “down from nine points in the…

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