CorbynWatch (September 13 & 14)

Broke, Bright and British

After Corbyn’s victory in the leadership elections, Owen Jones quickly reminded the supporters of the “greatest against-all-odds victory in British political history” that their work has only just begun.[1] For The Mirror, meanwhile, the first four days after the election results would “prove crucial in shaping the direction and tone” of his leadership.[2]

Between September 13 and 14:

  1. Corbyn spent his first morning as leader honouring “a longstanding commitment in his constituency instead of going on television”,[3] while Tariq Ali told Democracy Now that a “political insurrection” had just taken place in Britain;[4]
  2. In his first meeting with Labour MPs on September 14, he stated his interest in “wearing awhite poppyon Remembrance Sunday as “a symbol of peace”. A source claimed he had insisted that “any colour poppy is act of remembrance”. Since his election, meanwhile, it…

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