Demirtaş to Turkish PM: ‘Prove they were not civilians’

Resistance Is Fertile

A week on from the start of a Turkish military siege on the city of Cizre, the co-leader of Turkey’s progressive pro-peace party (the Peoples’ Democratic Party or HDP) has insisted today that at least 20 of those killed by state forces were civilians (including children). Turkey’s Interior Ministry, however, has tried to argue that most of the dead were PKK militants.

In response to the aforementioned government claim, HDP co-leader Selahattin Demirtaş spoke out on Friday from the town of Idil, saying: “I will resign if [the government] prove the civilians killed in Cizre are PKK militants“. He also read out “the names of all the victims”, according to Turkish daily newspaper Cumhuriyet. [For more, see here]

Amid claims that police in Kurdish communities had taunted inhabitants by calling them ‘Armenians’ (invoking the Turkish genocide of Christians in the early 20th century), meanwhile…

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