In Memory of Alan Kurdi, We Must Support Rojava

Resistance Is Fertile

In memory of the young and all the innocent people who have died fleeing from Syria, we must intensify our support for Rojava‘s quest for justice, equality, democracy, and peace.

Alan Kurdi’s family fled from the Kobani Canton of Rojava when ISIS launched its offensive a year ago. The embargo imposed on the region by NATO member Turkey simply worsened the refugee crisis by preventing reinforcements from getting to the YPG and YPJ (who had already defended Rojava for years and who bravely resisted the superior arms of ISIS from Kobani for weeks before US airstrikes began). In short, Alan’s blood is not only on the hands of ISIS and Assad but also on Turkish hands.

At the same time, Alan’s blood (and that of so many others) is on the hands of Western allies in the Gulf (like Saudi Arabia and Qatar) for backing Wahhabi…

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