Britain’s Plutocracy, and How We Can Fight Against It

Resistance Is Fertile

Call it what you want: a bourgeois democracy (in which the parties in the service of exploitative economic elites are the most powerful); a kleptocracy (in which “a small group [gets] rich by robbing [citizens] blind”[1] with the compliance of the political class); or a plutocracy (in which the powerful rule, and citizens simply choose the section of elite opinion least offensive to them). Just don’t call it democracy, for that would be a horrific insult to the dignity of a magnificent and revolutionary human concept.

Undemocratic Victories

It is the aforementioned anti-democratic system which is primarily to blame for the 2015 election results in the United Kingdom. In fact, the First Past the Post set-up is, almost by definition, based on minority victories and majority losses. The Conservatives, for example, won 41% of the votes in England (with 34% of eligible voters not even voting[2]), and…

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