Ecuador: President Correa inaugurates modern health infrastructure in Quito

JSC: Jamaicans in Solidarity with Cuba

16 July 2015

modern health facility in quitoThe hospital is located in Calderón, in the north de Quito. / Carlos Rodríguez-Andes

About 5,000 people came to the parish of Calderón, in northern Quito to attend the inauguration of the country’s most modern teaching hospital of the same name, the second modern hospital to be inaugurated this year, in 30 years there has not been such works.

President Rafael Correa and the Minister of Public Health, Carina Vance, toured the facilities of the center of the second level, with 150 beds for hospitalization and 48 emergency stretchers while a crowd awaited for the opening ceremony.

The result of the so-called waste of money of the Citizen Revolution

Among the audience were many people of humble origins including young people and professionals who highly value the government policies in this field. In the past eight years the investment has been 11,000 million at a…

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