Cherán Social-Political Experiment Showing Results

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Cherán Social-Political Experiment Showing Results

Cherán Cherán’s Council of Elders: “Our greatest commitment is to our people and our village.” Sign: “Welcome to Cherán K’eri: Here we govern ourselves by Uses and Customs”. Photo: Sanjuana Martínez

Sanjuana Martínez

La Jornada, 12th July 2015

Cherán, Michoacán – José Trinidad Ramírez Tapia, a member of the Senior Council of Government in this free and autonomous municipality, welcomes visitors: “Here you are completely safe. Your physical safety is guaranteed.” In view of the success they have obtained, he recommends the Cheranization of Mexico.

Against the crisis of political parties, independent candidates, the distrust of politicians, endemic corruption, economic crisis and the ongoing insecurity as a result of collusion between government officials and organized crime, the experience of “self-determination” of this people and their municipality have given magnificent results over the past three and a half years. So says Cherán’s Senior Council, made up of…

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