The horror of seduction: blood and sex in the front page

Alejandro De Coss

“Tied-up”, reads the front page of El Metro, a popular newspaper in Mexico City. A picture clarifies the meaning of the headline. A murdered, middle-aged mestizo woman is shown. Next to her, another woman appears. She is whiter, very much alive, and shows with rehearsed seduction her legs and bottom embellished with a couple of tight little knickers.

A similar image waits for me every day as I step out of Mexico’s City subway, the third most used worldwide (2006). Immersed in the odours that emanate from the street vendors’ stalls lie these two women, side by side. Their faces change. The way in which one was murdered is never identical to the previous one. Sometimes, the dead figure is a man. On the other side of the page, there is only space for woman (women?). They all share the same prefabricated attitude. Mass media seduction.

This apparent paradox…

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