Infinite Dispossession: David Harvey’s View of Mexico

Resistance Is Fertile

Translated by Oso Sabio[1] from an article written by Alejandro de Coss[2] in Spanish at[3] on 19/05/2015

There are few contemporary social theoreticians more important than English geographer David Harvey[4], and this essay uses some of his main ideas (and his concept of “accumulation by dispossession” in particular) to analyse the current reality in Mexico.

Today’s Mexico is immersed in a seemingly endless sea of catastrophes, and news of new injustices and atrocious deaths bombard us on a daily basis. Physical and virtual social networks, meanwhile, regularly fill up with a temporary anger that reaches a peak before gradually fading away again. And these facts, some of which are clearly interconnected (while others appear not to be), can all be systematically explained through the work of David Harvey.

Professor Harvey (b. 1935) has long sought through his work to show how capital accumulation…

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