EU parliament calls for Turkey to recognise ‘genocide’

Peace and Freedom

The centenary of the 1915 killings is to be commemorated on April 24 [AP]

Ankara condemns non-binding resolution on Armenian killings, saying that it “slaughters history and law”.

By Umut Uras

Istanbul, Turkey -The European Parliament has called on Turkey to recognise the “Armenian genocide”, sparking condemnation from Ankara, which says the move is “inconsistent with international law”.

“Armenia and Turkey should use the centenary of the Armenian genocide to renew diplomatic relations, open the border and pave the way for economic integration,” a statement by the EU legislature said on Wednesday after it adopted a non-binding resolution on the issue.

The Members of the European Parliament (MEP) also called on Turkey to open its archives and “come to terms with its past”.

The EU institution praised Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and other officials for “offering condolences and recognising atrocities against the Ottoman Armenians”.

Armenians died in ethnic fighting…

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